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Bel International relies on a specialized team traveling constantly, besides establishing a wide array of contacts throughout the world, searching the best business options in the five continents. The company credibility is attested by clients faithful to the 24 years of experience of a company totally prepared to work in the whole world.



A competent Traders team, ready to travel around the five continents, searching for opportunities to sell your products. Bel International’s exportation system works like this. We don’t just export your products, we make available to your company a whole structure and a foreign trade department, assist and execute the whole negotiation process with the potential markets.The necessity of client approach and knowledge makes it necessary for our team to travel to many places, as a way to establish better forms of doing business with markets increasingly promising to your company. The result could not be different: with our logistics experiences it is possible to achieve the best conditions of cost and fluidity of the needed goods.



Bel International offers to his clients the possibility of importing the materials and machinery necessary for the manufacturing of their products. The importing happens in an agile manner and with the greatest effort, so as to make viable the acquisition of high quality products and with affordable prices.To speed up the search for information about the products asked for, we make use of our clients network, resellers and distributors spreaded throughout the world, so that we can prospect the best option of importation for your business.But the work does not stop here. We speak on behalf of your company, we search for updated information about customs legislation, suggest incentives and benefits on the importation of certain products and we also offer complete operational support from the necessary documentation through legal proceedings, product shipment and delivery to your company. Our work finishes only when the product is received, conferred and its payment scheduled.Everything is thought out so that the client receives the best results in the shortest time.


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